If you are interested in hosting one of my educational, interactive Workshops, please see below for a list of current offerings to Colleges and Universities, summer programs, festivals and music residencies.

I work with students to help create meaningful, exciting performances that are applicable to today’s audience!

Some testimonials from Students:

“Dr. Wright provided a fun workshop experience with a variety of events that helped us grow.”

“Dr. Wright is extremely encouraging, and is always eager to give feedback as well as hear what her students have to add to the discussion. She creates a very warm and welcoming environment. Dr. Wright is so insightful in the realm of music pedagogy, and inspires students to do their very best.”

“Dr. Wright consistently showed a passion for the content as well as teaching it to us. She made sure we enjoyed AND understood the material…”

“A very good Workshop experience! I feel like a learned a lot about pedagogy that I didn’t know before… a lot about music and piano in general that I didn’t know before!”

All Workshops and interactive experiences deal with the question of Identity in music, both that of the composer and of the performer.

Using story-telling tools, psychology and questions of aesthetics, experiences and identities, we work to uncover the maximum potential of each student in a short amount of time.

Feel free to contact me for more information and to receive more detailed options on these classes and interactive Workshops!