Hai! Oui! A Dance Between Countries: French & Japanese Piano Compositions

February 10, 2021
with Christina Banna, Animation

This beautiful, evocative 50-minute Performance with artist Christine Banna combines East & West classical music with solo piano and Animation.

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Several famous 19th century French composers were heavily influenced by Japanese and Eastern visual arts and sculpture, which had entered the Parisian arts scene around the time of the World Exhibition of 1889. One hundred years later, Japanese composers, intrigued by the beauty of French visual arts and French music from the Impressionist era (~1870-1900), wrote contemporary, classical piano works with both French and Japanese musical traits.

Christina Wright-Ivanova performs Selections from the Hai! Oui! show, Nov. 2020

This project not only fuses French and Japanese Arts culture through piano compositions, but allows a modern American artist to be influenced by these two cultures through music, and to create her own interpretation on the marriage of these two art cultures through animation through 35mm film. In this lecture-recital, we are highlighting the relationship between two cultures that are so far removed geographically, but have much in common musically, artistically and, in many ways, linguistically. This project is created for spaces such as art galleries, museums, universities and conservatories.

Projection design for “Hai! Oui! A Dance Between Countries: French and Japanese Piano Compositions”
collaboration with artist Christine Banna
projection deisgn interns Amanda Connell & Ren Loureiro
video courtesy of Keene State College