Adams, Leslie ---
Night Songs
Creole Girl
Lullaby Eternal

Argento ---
Diary of Virginia Woolf (complete)
Songs About Spring (complete)
Six Elizabethan Songs (complete)

Aghababian, V. ---
3 Songs of my Fatherland (complete)
3 Songs by Emily Dickinson (complete)
October – song cycle (complete)

Bacon, Ernst ---
As Well As Jesus?
The Imperial Heart
When roses cease to bloom, dear

Barab, S ---
Songs of Perfect Propriety
Social Note
Symptom Recital
Chant for Dark Hours

Barber ---
Four Songs, Op. 13 (complete)
A Nun Takes the Veil
Secrets of the Old
Sure on this Shining Night
Hermit Songs complete
Melodies passageres (complete)
Three Songs, Op. 2 (complete)
The Daisies
With rue my heart is laden
Bessie Bobtail
Three Songs, Op. 45 (complete)
Now have I fed & eaten up the Rose
A Green Lowland of Pianos
O Boundless, Boundless Evening
Sleep Now
The Daisies
Rain has Fallen

Beach ---
The Year’s At the Spring

Berger, Jean ---
Four Songs on Langston Hughes
Carolina Cabin
In Time of Silver Rain

Bernstein ---
A Simple Song
I hate music! (complete)

Bolcom, W. ---
Cabaret Songs (1963-1996)
Over the Piano
Toothbrush Time

Bonds, M. ---
I Too, Sing America

Bowles ---
Heavenly Grass
Miss Lucy
Song of an Old Woman
Sugar in the Cane

Brewbaker, D ---
i carry your heart (European premiere)

Bridge, Frank ---
Into Her Keeping
Love went A-Riding

Britten ---
A Charm of Lullabies
A Cradle Song
The Highland Balou
Sephestia’s Lullaby
The Nurse’s Song
How sweet the answer
Oft in the stilly night
On this Island, Op. 11
Let the florid music praise!
Tit for Tat (complete)

Burleigh, H. ---
Steal Away

Butterworth ---
Loveliest of Trees

Carr, Daniel ---
Aki, Op. 4
Three Songs by W. Blake, Op. 13
Three Songs by L. Hughes, Op. 12
Three Songs by Teasdale, Op. 15

Carter, Elliot ---
The Rose Family

Chanler, T. ---
I Rise When You Enter

Copland ---
A Summer Vacation
At the River
Dear March, come in
Nature, the gentlest mother
Night (1918)
The world feels Dusty
Why do they shut me out of Heaven?

Corigliano, John ---
Song to the Witch of The Cloisters

Crumb, George ---
Three Early Songs (complete)
The Night in Silence (Apparition)

Dougherty, C. ---
Love in the Dictionary

Dowland ---
Come again: Sweet love now invite

Duke ---
i carry your heart
The Grunchin’ Witch
The Last Word of a Bluebird

Elgar ---
In Haven
Speak, Music

Finzi ---
June on Castle Hill
Let us Garlands Bring, Op. 18
Come away, come away, Death

Foster, W. ---
Union Square

Gordon, Ricky I ---
A Horse with Wings
Genius Child
Kid in the Park
My People
Strange People
Troubled Woman
Winter Moon

Griffes, C. ---
Two Birds flew into the Sunset Glow
Three Poems of Fiona Macloed, Op. 11 (complete)

Griffey, R. ---
The Darkling Thrush

Hageman, R. ---
Do not go, my love
The Night has a Thousand Eyes

Hailstork, A. ---
The Awakening (Five Dunbar Lyrics)

Harder, Lane ---
Three Elizabethan Verses

Hardy ---
A Lullaby
Scythe Song
Sea Wrack

Harrison, J ---

Haydn ---
A Pastoral Song
Piercing Eyes

Heggie ---
Paper Wings
Of Laughter and Farewell (complete)
Thoughts Unspoken
To Speak of Love
Unspoken Thoughts at Bedtime

Hoiby, Lee ---
The Shining Place
A Letter
How the Waters Closed
Wild Nights
There Came a Wind Like a Bugle
The Serpent
Winter Song

Holst ---
A Little Night Music
Now in these Fairylands

Hopkins, A. ---
A Melancholy Song

Hundley, R. ---
The Astronomers (An Epitaph)

Ireland, John ---
Her Song
The Heart’s Desire
The Trellis

Ives ---
General William Booth Enters
Into Heaven
Romanzo (di Central Park)
The Circus Band
Tom Sails Away

Johnson, Hall ---
Ride on, King Jesus (spiritual)

Keel, Frederick ---
Trade Winds

Klein, Eric ---
Kidnap Poem

Laitman, L. Men With Small Heads

Lambelet, N. ---
Autumn Rose
Last Waltz

McLin, Lena ---
Glory, Glory, Hallelujah

Musto, John ---
Social Note

Myers, Gordon ---
Selections from “They Sang, Vol. 1"

Naginski, C. ---
The Pasture

Owens, Robert ---
The Breath of A Rose

Pasatieri ---
3 Poems of Oscar Wilde (complete)

Pentland, B. ---
A Lavendar Lady

Porter ---
Where is the life that late I led?

Powell-Perry, Z. ---
Hallelujah to the Lamb
O De Angels Done Bowed Down
Sinner Man So Hard, Believe

Previn, André ---
As Imperceptibly as Grief

Price, Florence ---
Fantasy in Purple
Hold Fast to Dreams

Purcell ---
I’ll Sail Upon The Dog Star
Sweeter Than Roses (Pausanias)
The Fatal Hour

Quilter ---
Come away, death
Faithless Shepherdess
My Life’s Delight
Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal
Weep you no more

Rindfleisch, A. ---
Who Unfolds the Rose?

Rorem, Ned ---
A Birthday
Comfort to a Youth that lost his Love
Early in the Morning
Pippa’s Song
Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening
To A Young Girl
Five Poems by Whitman (complete)

Sargent, Paul ---
Manhattan Joy Ride

Shore, Dan ---
June (2012)
Constancy (2012)

Smith-Moore, U. ---
Love Let the Wind Cry…
Watch and Pray

Somervell ---
On the Idle Hill of Summer

Stanford ---
La Belle Dame sans Merci

Thomson, V. ---
A Prayer to St. Catherine of Sienna

Vaughan Wiliams ---
Linden Lea
The New Ghost
The Roadside Fire
Silent Noon
Whither must I wander?

Warlock, P. ---
“Lillygay" Cycle (complete)
Rest, Sweet Nymphs

Weill ---

Willan ---
Sonnet “To Sleep"


De Falla ---
Siete Canciones Populares Espanoles

Golijov, Osvaldo ---
Lúa Descolorida (2002)

Granados ---
Canciones Amatorias
El Majo Discreto
Elegia Eterna

Guastavino ---
La Rosa y el Sauce

Montsalvatge ---
Cinco canciones negras (complete)

Rodrigo, J ---
De dónde venís, amore?

Rossini ---
Canzonetta Spagnuola


Arditi ---
Il bacio

Bellini ---
Malinconia, Ninfa gentile
Per Pieta bel idol mio

Benedict, J. ---
La Capinera

Caccini ---
Amarilli, mia bella

Caldara, A. ---
Alma del core

Cesti ---
Intorno all’idol mio

Donaudy ---
Come l’allodoletta
Perchè dolce, caro bene
Vaghissima sembianza

Donizetti ---
Eterno amore e fè
Me voglio fa na casa

Durante, F. ---
Danza, danza, fanciulla gentile

Gluck ---
O del mio dolce ardor

Leoncavallo ---

Luzzi ---
Ave Maria

Mozart ---
Ridente la calma

Nicola ---

Respighi ---

Rossini ---
Beltà Crudele
Il rimprovero
Il risentimento
La fioraja fiorentina
La passeggiata (Or che di fiori adorno)
La pastorella delle alpi
La promessa

Santoliquido ---
I canti della sera (complete)
L’assiolo canta
Alba di luna sul bosco
Tristezza crepuscolare

Scarlatti ---
Se Florindo è fedele
Sento nel core

Schubert ---
La pastorella

Strozzi, B. ---
Spesso per entro al petto

Tosti ---
Chitarrata Abruzzese
L’alba separa dalla luce l’ombra
L’ultima canzone
La serenata
Non t’amo piu

Verdi ---
Brindisi – Mescetemi il vino!
La preghiera del poeta
More, Elisa, lo stanco poeta
Nell’orror di notte oscura


Rachmaninoff ---
Я жду тебя! (I wait for you!)
Маргариток (Daisies)
Здесь хорошо (How fair this place!)
Не верь мне друг (Believe it not!)

Shostakovich ---
Satires, Op. 105
Suite of Verses by Michelangelo
3. Love
5. Wrath (Anger)
6. Dante
8. Creation
10. Death

Tchaikovsky ---
Средь шумного бала (At the Ball)
Дон-Жуана (Don Juan’s Serenade)
Нет, толко тот кто знал (Mignon IV)
На Сон Градущи (At Bedtime)
Нам звёзды кроткие сияли
(The Gentle Stars Shone for us)


Cho, Dunam ---
Mountain Village
Cho, Doonam ---
Boating Song
Kim, Wonho ---
On the Hill
Park, Pangil ---
Mountain Sunset


Nielsen ---
Aebleblomst (Apple Flower)
Hilsen (Greeting)


Grieg ---
Det syng
Solveig’s Song


Stenhammar ---
I skogen