"...The Boston-based Wright-Ivanova is an ideal partner, in step at every measure with her easy command and colorful sound palette; their coupling in the second movement Scherzo is totally delicious, while their simplicity in the movement's brief interludes is oddly thrilling.
Wright-Ivanova shows throughout that while she can handle sheer virtuosity with no problems, she also loves to tackle bunches of notes."
-- Huffington Post, 2015

Concert Schedule

Bijou de la Vida Series - Neave Trio

January 11, 2019/7:30 PM
Boston, MA US

“Duo au courant" Recital - ASU

January 27, 2019/7:30 PM
Phoenix, AZ US

Duo au courant Tour: Keene State College

February 01, 2019/7:30 PM
Keene, NH US